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Nice spot in the Sun

A rare break in the clouds – so a chance to test out the astronomy controller and have another attempt at some Solar astrophotography. Also chance to see if the…
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Nom nom nom, delicious astro-photography raspberries

The skies have not been kind – soo, a great opportunity to do some more technical bits inside the house. I’ve been experimenting with kStars and Ekos/INDI running on a…
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Exciting HEQ5-Pro delivery, free cloud

Since discovering that I was definitely into astrophotography I’ve been saving. And saving… and saving. First on my upgrades list was a stable mount that would be suitable for long…
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Get cracking with your first lunar processing (guide)

Astrophotography processing always comes up, but it’s not something you can cover in a friendly reply or comment to help. So, to try to help here’s a step-by-step guide for…
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NCP star trails illustrating polar alignment

Felt this was a great way to explain polar alignment. Polar alignment sets the telescope’s “home position” to this stationary point (the “celestial pole”) in the sky – around which…
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Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – the Star of Bethlehem

A rare conjunction of the two giant gas planets – Jupiter and Saturn – makes a bright “Christmas star” in the sky tomorrow on 21 December 2020. If it’s not…
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Colourful moon halo

I was having the typical intermittent issues with the Astromaster’s “StarFinder” finderscope, so instead I captured this colourful moody Moon halo instead.

Parade of planetary delights in the night sky

A parade of planets starts as the Sun sets. Starting with Jupiter, then Saturn, followed by Mars, Venus and Mercury.

First visit to Venus

After a lot of cloud, the skies finally parted over Barnsley and allowed me a glimpse. These are my first attempts capturing Venus over the first weeks/month with the Celestron…
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My first telescope – fly me to the Moon

After always wanting a scope, I finally got my first scope – the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ-MD newtonian reflector. Due to work/family commitments it took a couple of months before I…
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