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Nice spot in the Sun

Nice spot in the Sun

A rare break in the clouds – so a chance to test out the astronomy controller and have another attempt at some Solar astrophotography. Also chance to see if the new Baader Solar Continuum filter improves contrast in solar astrophotography.

Two main sunspot regions were clearly visible and easily identifiable.

  • 2880: 3 sunspots, decreasing in size, class β
  • 2882: 1 sunspot, decreasing in size, class α

Very low chances of flare activity.

Equipment used: Celestron Astromaster 130EQ, Canon EOS 6D DSLR with Celestron 2x barlow lens on T-adapter. 120 images stacked and processed using essentially the same process as my lunar astrophotography guide.

Seeing conditions were not as clear as my last solar astrophotography attempts, but the raw frames did appear to achieve a greater deal of contrast. I’ll have some more attempts to review the impact of the Baader Solar Continuum filter further.

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