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I started this site just to try to share and help other beginners with astronomy topics too complicated to cover in a short social media post or those things where I’ve struggled to find resources myself – I hope it comes in useful for others.

Who’s that star geezer?

Hi! I’m Phil – an amateur astronomer and married father of two in South Yorkshire.

Always wanted a telescope as a kid and finally purchased one as a big kid at the end of 2019.

Incredibly thankful I did – it has been a welcome escape and peace of mind during the ensuing events since.

However, when it came to learning the basics I found a complete mix of guides and similar to my experience in IT and other industries – much of it was written in an inaccessible format for those outside the ‘lingo’.

So, when I started sharing ideas and advice with others online I started to also put together some beginner’s astronomy guides. Together with my beginner’s journey into astronomy I hope that this site can help others with their first steps into astronomy.