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My beginner’s journey

First image from theΒ dark side

On this day 62 years ago, the Soviet Luna 3 space probe took the first-ever photos ofΒ the far side of the Moon.Β It imaged 70% of the surface that is not…
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Nice spot in the Sun

A rare break in the clouds – so a chance to test out the astronomy controller and have another attempt at some Solar astrophotography. Also chance to see if the…
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🌠 Perseid Meteor Shower 2021

“I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.” John Denver, 1972 One of the most active and visible meteor showers, the Perseid Meteor Shower happens this time each year. It’s…
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Nom nom nom, delicious astro-photography raspberries

The skies have not been kind – soo, a great opportunity to do some more technical bits inside the house. I’ve been experimenting with kStars and Ekos/INDI running on a…
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Exciting HEQ5-Pro delivery, free cloud

Since discovering that I was definitely into astrophotography I’ve been saving. And saving… and saving. First on my upgrades list was a stable mount that would be suitable for long…
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Get cracking with your first lunar processing (guide)

Astrophotography processing always comes up, but it’s not something you can cover in a friendly reply or comment to help. So, to try to help here’s a step-by-step guide for…
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Lashings of galaxies and a frozen tube

Absolutely fantastic night – much needed after months of cloud, but incredibly cold. This was my first all-nighter this year – I’m getting too old for this. But, an absolute…
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NCP star trails illustrating polar alignment

Felt this was a great way to explain polar alignment. Polar alignment sets the telescope’s “home position” to this stationary point (the “celestial pole”) in the sky – around which…
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Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – the Star of Bethlehem

A rare conjunction of the two giant gas planets – Jupiter and Saturn – makes a bright “Christmas star” in the sky tomorrow on 21 December 2020. If it’s not…
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Colourful moon halo

I was having the typical intermittent issues with the Astromaster’s “StarFinder” finderscope, so instead I captured this colourful moody Moon halo instead.